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What would be your wedding nightmare?

What would be your wedding nightmare?

With just six months to go the wedding is fast approaching, and as with any bride-to-be nightmare scenarios have started to cross my mind. This hasn’t been helped by new research from vintage jewellery specialists, William May, whose research has revealed the three most catastrophic things that could turn a dream wedding day into a nightmare.

After a year of planning it is perfectly natural to want the big day to run as smoothly as possible, and while I would like to have everything under control unfortunately the weather is out of my remit. It turns out 38% of women agree, voting it as second most popular ‘Wedding Nightmare.’

Getting married in December the weather has been at the forefront of my mind, and we took this into account when choosing our wedding venue. We decided quickly that we’d like the ceremony and reception in the same place, removing the opportunity for guest’s hair to be ruined by the wet and windy British Winter.

So with that obstacle removed, my attention is primarily focused on the most popular ‘Wedding Nightmare’ which nearly half of women have agreed on. 48% of the respondents agreed that their wedding dress not fitting would be the worst thing that could happen to them. With wedding dress measurements being taken so far in advance it is certainly no surprise that women are kept awake at night worrying over the fit of their dress.

Of course the vast majority of brides hope to ‘Drop a dress size’ before their big day, and with that in mind the process becomes even more complicated, with alterations to be taken into consideration.

After getting engaged I had taken a laid back approach, deciding to only start wedding dress shopping at the start of this year. Luckily I was tempted into a bridal shop, where I was given an education, learning that my dress should be ordered at least a year in advance.

Fortunately I found the right dress, ordering it in the nick of time. Due to arrive in the next couple of months, the fittings with stretch over the remaining months leading up to the wedding. For me, my dress will most likely plague my nightmares until the very moment it’s zipped up as I’m getting ready to walk down the aisle.

The third ‘Wedding Nightmare’ highlighted by the William May research is of course a problem that can plague anyone, even royalty. Watching Kate and William’s nuptials the eagle eyed would have been quick to see him struggling to fit the wedding band over her finger. Happily we’ve already ordered our rings, and safe to say once they arrive I’ll be having a quick check every so often ahead of the big day.

So with the top three covered, what are your wedding nightmares?

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Engaged for just over a year Suzanne is in the depths of wedding planning, second guessing every decision - It turns out arranging a Pinterest perfect big day is not entirely effortless! With the wedding in December the months are quickly ticking by and plans are not progressing quite as quickly as she had hoped.

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