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Top 5 qualities you need in a Wedding Photographer

Top 5 qualities you need in a Wedding Photographer

Top 5 qualities you need in a Wedding Photographer

In this article I am going to cover what I believe to be the top 5 qualities that you should be looking for when selecting the photographer who is going to cover your big day..

5.The ability to take good photos quickly.

This is obvious right? Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event and you need to be sure that your photographer is going to take good photos. A lot of people can take lovely photos when they are planned and they are ready for them, however, the speed at which unexpected things can happen during a wedding can take some people by surprise and if your photographer is not ready then can result in moments being missed.

  1. A style that suits your day.

I feel this is separate to taking good photos. Photographers have had a lot more creative freedom since the adoption of digital cameras with how they take photos and how they process them and styles can include traditional, contemporary and vintage looks. There is no real right or wrong style but you must pick the style that suits your day and will represent how you want to remember your day for years to come (more on styles in a different article).

3. Likeability

If you are booking coverage for the full day then the bride is spending a lot of time in the company of the photographer, sometimes more than the husband in total! They will be there with you during all of the big moments and at times it will be just yourselves and the photographer and I feel it is important that you like them and you don’t resent their presence.

  1. A sense of humour

If for no other reason than so your photographer can laugh along when the best man delivers his speech..

  1. Patience and adaptability

Things can run late, it happens. The weather can turn at just the wrong moment, it happens. There is always a Great Aunt Gladys who decides she wants a drink 10 seconds before she is needed for a group shot, it happens. No matter how much you try to plan for every eventuality, on the day things can change quickly. When this happens what you need is a photographer who is patient and who can think on their feet.  If the group shots are running late you need a photographer who can organise everyone quickly, if the weather turns you want your photographer to have his umbrella already in hand for you to use and if people needed for the group photos are missing you want your photographer to be able to adjust the order so time isn’t wasted. And whilst all of these things are happening you don’t want your photographer to show any signs of annoyance, frustration or impatience as this will rapidly turn your experience and memory of that part of your day into a negative one.


The easiest way to ensure your photographer has all of these qualities is to arrange a meeting with them before you book. Spend a bit of time talking to them about your plans, look at their portfolio and request testimonials (if they are not offered). This gives you the best chance of booking a photographer who manages to capture every element of your day and who helps to make your day positive.

If you think I have missed anything then please let me know in the comments.


Dominic Smith –

Dominic has lots of experience working with couples and always prides himself on being friendly, calm and level headed. He always prefers to have a meeting with a couple before booking so he can understand their plans and so they can get to know him a bit more, even if this is via Skype. He hasn’t yet met an actual Aunt Gladys but when he does he will ensure she gets her drink before the group photos start.

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Dominic Smith is a photographer based in Sussex, England. He has been a photographer for over 15 years photographing a wide variety of subject matter from macro photos of plants to on location portrait sessions. Dominic carries this advanced skillset and understanding of photography to his business, Dominic Smith Photography, specialising in wedding photography and has photographed weddings in locations ranging from town hall registry offices to 5 star country hotels. Dominic takes pride in every wedding he photographs and treats each one as the unique day it is. Working with both the bride and groom he always takes the time to discover the elements that are important to ensure that these are captured in the best possible way.

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